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Clash of clans hack is one of the best hack that you will ever see. This Clash of clans hack tool works with all operating systems and have 2 versions. This app was developed in one year and is the most advanced app to hack clash of clans that you will ever see. Clash of clans is one of the hardest games to cheat and to hack as it use the latest technologies and the bad thing the game is online so you can’t use an apk hack or an ipa hack to do the job.

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Clash Of Clans Hack 2016

At the beginning of the game many people contacted us to create an working tool to hack clash of clans at first we didn't wanted as the game wasn't so popular but after two months we started it and I must say. It was hard, very hard. Clash of clans Cheat was our hardest program to create. At the beginning we needed to play the game and invest a high amount of money in gems in order to get some details about the game, what you need in game, how to advance in the game faster than ever. After one month in the game we've final had our info. So it's time to begin the creation of Clash of clans hack android. First we created the server version of our Clash of clans hack Gems, we created a new way to interact with the game servers and found a hole in their security systems. So we used that hole to create the program. It take us one month to create the server side of our hack and another month to test it for all the vulnerabilities of the tool. Than we take a very precious time to code a new encryption for our tool to make sure that our users won't get banned even if they use the tool every day.

Clash of clans hack 2016 is one of the most appreciated tool from our website. And is one of the best hacks from our site, as we update it every week with brand new futures that will make user experience even better than before. For example an user told us one week ago about a great design that he would want on the clash of clans hack tool. I said why not? And send what the user said to the coding team, they coded the new design and the best thing about it, it made a brand new responsive design for this tool, as it needed some new code , for the brand new mobile devices. Here is a picture with the old design:

In this design we updated the old one, and we also added some new futures like the ability to select the operating systems of your device, in the old one you needed to connect your device to the computer in order to get this information. So now you will be much safer. Another thing we've added is a security check to make sure we use the latest futures from the market and protect our users from being banned by the game. This Clash of clans Cheat can’t be patched as it have direct access to the game servers, we don't change any data into your device so you won't need root access for android users or jailbreak for iOS users. And the best thing about it, if android and iOS will get a new update you don't need to use the hack again or you will make sure that our tool still works. We are proud to tell you that we have the best product from internet, and all our tools are virus prof . We don’t want to infect users or cheat them. We are trusted by million of people since 2012. And we won't give up as we are the best from the business. This cheats are only for fun and to help people. We have another source of money so we don’t need to fill the website with adds and other things like that to make money. Clash of clans hack is not stored on our servers, It’s on the best servers from the marked and our website where we show .

Clash of clans gems hack 2016

<img alt="clash of clans hack" class="aligncenter wp-image-44" height="206" sizes="(max-width: 552px) 100vw, 552px" data-cke-saved-src="img/Clash-of-clans-hack.jpg" src="img/Clash-of-clans-hack.jpg" srcset="img/Clash-of-clans-hack.jpg" 300w,="" "..="" img="" clash-of-clans-hack.jpg"="" 1024w,="" 1594w"="" width="552">

Is this clash of clans will give me gems?. The answer is simple, YES . You will get as many gems as you want as gems are the most important resources in clash of clans we make sure that the user will get the best clash of clans gems hack so he won’t try to buy gems anymore. Clash of clans is one of the hardest game if you don’t have gems. If you will have gems you won’t have to worry about this game as if you have gems it means that you have the power. Clash of clans hack Yes, in our hack you will also find this option. You can add up to unlimited gold in your clash of clans but we will ask you to use two or three times before you will add all that amount as if you will appear in the game servers as you have unlimited gold it will be kind strange. Clash of clans is one of the best games out there and you will see the full power of your army with unlimited gems and gold. Clash of clans elixir hack Clash of clans elixir hack is another future that our Clash of clans hack have to offer. We worked a long period of time to create this future as it was very hard to code this future, as the elixir changes every time , we had a great time finding a solution but after one month of work we were able to create an working version of this.

Clash of clans defense strategy

As you may know in clash of clans you can create your own defense strategy but, it's hard to find a good one , and if you don’t have gems and gold it will be even harder. In my opinion sometimes the best defense is the best attack. So here is a little defense hack for COC that. I would like to teach you. First you will need to protect your gold and gems mines. The best way to do that is to put them in the center of the town. Than add around them the best yard and all the crystal yards you could add. Than add some defense towers. And than add another layout of yards that will protect that towers too. But the main secret is do not put them all in one place, spread them and make the best effort to protect all of them, if the protect towers are to close one to each other it will be easier for those who attack your clan to destroy them , as they could use special skills . After you will create the second yard, add your troop units as when they will try to attack you they will be your first defense line, whit this troops add some defense towers to protect them also. This may be the best defense clash of clans hack that you will ever see. I think is not even a hack but just a tutorial, and you can create it without problems with our Clash of clans hack gems.

Clash of clans attack strategy

Clash of clans attack strategy is even harder than the defense one. Is very hard to find a great attack strategy and the best attack strategy is first to see the victim defense, to evaluate the main defense points and hit them with powerful skills or with the best soldiers you have. Than after you destroy that points you can send the weaker soldiers to take care of the rest. If you can’t find the best attack strategy keep trying until you find the best one fitting for you. I’ve tried many strategies but only few of them worked for me. I always hit with my best monsters than, I send the weaker ones, but I've noticed that if you combine them it will work better. So send the strong monsters and the weaker ones at the same time, the towers will try to hit the weaker monsters and your powerful monster will destroy them, and you will win the battle without any problems. I’ve tested many ways to create the ultimate attack but you need gems , lot of gems and the best way to get them is by using our Clash of clans hack gems and you will also need some HIGH level to unlock the best monster but it will be easy to achieve them if you have unlimited gems. For example I used Clash of clans hack android on my galaxy s6 and got the required gems. In one week with a new account got to lvl 30 without any problems so I think won't be a problem if you are a new user to get tot the top of the game.

Clash of clans hack Android

Clash of clans hack android have three options first one is to use the online clash of clans hack or to use the hack tool if you don’t want to be connected to the internet you could use the apk but it will change all your game data, instead the online version and the hack tool will make this changes at the server side so every time you will open the hack tool or on the website and insert the email or the username for the Clash of clans game the program will connect to the game server and add the amount of goods that you added in the hack tool. It will take about 2 minutes that our Clash of clans hack Android take effect. Don’t worry our cheat works with all versions of android.

Clash of clans hack iOS

Clash of clans hack iOS is a little complicated beside the android version as iOS is very restrictive about what users can do to the operating system and application , that why the offline version for the Clash of clans iOS hack is not possible to be created unless you will have jailbreak and we don’t want to encourage people to jailbreak their devices as they will use the warranty and if something happens to your device you can throw him or buy another one. For iOS there is only one way to hack clash of clans. The online version, is the most secure one and is the fastest one. It was tested on all iOS versions and didn’t received any bugs in two months of testing, and none of the clash of clans accounts got banned. This is all we can tell you right now about our Clash of clans Cheat – Clash of clans hack. We tried to respond to all user questions and we hope we didn’t miss any question. If you need any help with our products feel free to contact us we will share our phone number, our email and much more. Don’t worry all your data will be keep hidden . We won’t collect any of our user data this is against our Privacy Police that you can read on our website too. Our tool will be updated every time is needed and you will be announced about this update on our facebook page, on instagram or twitter . We can’t mail you as we don’t want to hold user data.

I’ve used clash of clans hack more than three times , but none of them worked as I wanted. All of them changed the APK file and the IPA file of the game, and that will prevent me to connect to the internet from the game. And this is one of the sad things about this hacks. As clash of clans is all about online playing, and without this you are nothing.

So I decided to contact some friends that I’ve met in the collage to ask them if they could create an working hack for clash of clans. After some months of hard working they managed to create an working hack that make adding gems in clash of clans one of the easiest thing ever. I’ve used this generator every time I wanted more gems in clash of clans , and all of this gems where free. But after one year of playing the game with hacks, I’ve achieved to many things, so I just wanted a real challenge for me, so I’ve created an website to share our tool. With everyone. This website will have one of the most advanced future, for our clash of clans is the online generator, who is very hard to develop. As we worked with one of the best html coders to create an working website that work both on Mobile, and Desktop. Another problem was to create the connection betwheen our servers , as it was very hard to make the connection from our hack server , to the game servers , and change all the users details. Every time you use our hack , the generator will use the amount you inserted in our online generator and change your gems ,gold, elixir and even dark elixir. You will be one of the most advanced clash of clans gamer from the entire game, you even will be able to create a video about how you used the generator and played the clash of clans with the generated resources. I’ve received many videos from our users. Clash of clans hack could be one of the best game from the web. I’ve played clash of clans more than 10 times and never had problems that I’ve used generated gems. This gems got me to the top of the game.

Starting with 2016, Clash of clans got a new update. With this new update the game made our work even harder. From now on the only way to hack clash of clans is on the server side. You won't be able to use clash of clans hack if you are not using an online version of the hack, the old apk hacks don't work anymore and they won't work. As the game is smarter than ever, and it will find out when the things changed. And if you don't want to lose your game data it's way better to use online generator. Also this tool will connect to the game servers and will add your data, as gems, elixir and more. Another thing that we added is the ability to add unlimited shield. So you will no longer be attacked by competitors.

Clash of clans Gems Generator